Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Easy Snack Bag a Tutorial

Anytime, and every time, I get out of the house with my son, 2 years old, I need to remember to bring little snacks. This boy is always hungry!

It didn't take long before I got tired of the usual plastic bags. I love the idea of recycling/upcycling/reusing. That's why I am trying to make, or remake, items that have the potential of having a long life.

A little while ago, I ordered some beautiful (really, really beautiful) oilcloth (coming in a future post) from oilclothaddict (check her etsy store, it's worth it and very inspiring!). My order came wrapped with 2 beautiful samples of oilcloth and I knew, instantly, that I had to do something with them.

So last night, I went into my sew-cave (really, it's like a cave. Basement, cold, cement floor.... ) and went to work with one of the sample.

I had a general idea of what I wanted : a snack bag for G... and since the oilcloth pattern was so cute, I knew that my daughter E would be using it too. I wanted something easy and quick to do.

So here I go... :

I kept the width of the material but cut the length. I now had a piece of 8 in x 4 1/2.

I quickly traced with a pen a "hem" of 1/4 in. all around. Oilcloth is easy to "hem" since the material doesn't fray.

Fold the fabric on the line, wrong size together.Sew together, starting by the side and finish the top and bottom.

Now we put the velcro. Things to take in consideration when you sew velcro to a bag :

a) Fold your strip of material to form the bag and mark where you want the velcro.
b) Don't forget, one piece of velcro will be sew on the right side, and the other, on the wrong side.

Sew the velcro to the bag.

Fold the fabric again, forming again the "bag" (don't use pins, it will pierce the material and the tiny little pinholes never go away) to make sure that the velcro will be touching.

Sew the sides of the bag, double stitching the top to reinforce it.

And... VOILĂ€!

As I said, it is a quick and easy project, perfect for beginners. I am sure that there is plenty of other patterns/way to sew oilcloth online, but this project can be done in 30 minutes, making it perfect for a busy family!

Share the pictures of your projects with me, I'd love to see what you do !

Happy Sewing!

PS : Why Oilcloth?
        Because it is a safe and easy to clean material :)


  1. And waterproof, no? Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Wow! Love this tutorial. Thanks for sharing :) I look forward to following you!

  3. Oilcloth is NOT food safe! Best to use cotton laminate instead. :)