Friday, January 24, 2014

A Case of the Zips


I have to be honest here. While I was doing the January Challenge from Crazy Little Projects Challenge (I made the cutiest little niptuck pouches! from Simple Simon and Co.), I feel in love with zippers. It didn't take long before I scout online for the best deal, and I think I found one : 44 zippers for $6.

I received them today and felt like I had to do something with them, like IMMEDIATELY. As soon as my little one went down for a nap, I sat down on the floor and looked at them, letting the vibrant colors inspire me. Took less than 5 minutes.

I ran downstairs, where my sewing room is, and went to work, immediately while the image of the result I wanted was fresh.

Here is what I came up with : 

I selected seven colors that I liked and that I could use as a "kind of" rainbow.

I sew them all together, right side together ( I still had scraps of fabric from my "mustache" laptop bag, as you can see. I am actually working on something that will use these scraps, and I'll be posting it soon).

I first used the zipper foot, but it was too complicated (or I don't know how, or I am too lazy) so I switched for my "everyday sewing foot". I also choose a zig-zag stitch, which I felt would secure the stitches better.

One by one, I sew the zipper to each other, making sure the stitches were solids.

I pressed everything and got ready for the next step.

The next step included an old pair of jeans (Mistake. Next time I'll do this bag, I'll use duck fabric. The stretch of the jeans is not stable enough).

I forgot to take pictures of the next steps because I was on a roll :) What I did is :

1. I cut a square of jeans bigger than my zips.
2. Pinned the zips on the jeans, right sides together.
3. Sew the zips on the jeans, INSIDE THE STOPPERS TOP AND BOTTOM of the zips.
4. Clip the corners of the bags and remember to be careful not to snip the stitches.
5. And don't forget to let a zipper open, otherwise you won't be able to turn the project outside in.
6. Turn the bag outside in and pock at the corners with a needle, to make them square.

When all of those steps are done.... Well....

You are done!

VoilĂ !

Overall, it was an easy enough project and I will certainly do it again. My girl squeaked with delight when she saw it!

To your zippers now and let me know how it went!

Happy sewing!

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